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Don’t let yourself be fooled by the name!

Office 365 is a subscription service that grants you access to Microsoft’s most modern productivity tools, way beyond the usual Office tools such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

This toolset provides you access to the latest SharePoint and modern process automation apps such as PowerApps and Flow for process automation on any device, Power BI for powerful data analytics, email server, collaboration apps for project management, for organizing day to day tasks, among many others.

At the price range that Office 365 is promoted, it’s really about the democratization of many high-end enterprise tools that traditionally would cost you so much more and would not communicate with each other.

This integration empowers you to build business solutions that solve day-to-day problems, improve productivity and automate and optimize modern business processes, available from any device and interoperable with hundreds of third-party applications.

Another benefit of Office 365 is the possibility to work from anywhere in any device (including Mac, Chrome OS, IOS or Android), with multiple people editing and collaborating on the same document.

Some examples of what we're doing in O365

Request for Investment approval

Request for Investment approval

Investment cases are important to better understand investments allocation and define priorities.


Support your GDPR processes and compliance with ease, and directly from your Office 365.


It is very important to properly assess the risks inherent to the projects and what are their impact on the project and organization.

Demand Management

Demand Management

Demand management will help organizations choose the best projects portfolio to execute.

Request for Investment approval

investment approvalInvestment cases are important to better understand investments allocation and define priorities.

In the past, the process of request for investment approval relied on a paper going from desk to desk, passing from one approver to another and even worst, risking to get lost in the process. All of this can be much easier by using an app that we’ve created on Office 365.

The app lets your employees start or follow up the processes from wherever they want, from their desktop or from the mobile or tablet app, gaining agility and mobility. Moreover, it automatically provides the estimate profitability of the investment, making it easier to decide which projects are “go” or “no go”.

This app integrates PowerApps with Flow and SharePoint.

easy GDPR

Your organization have figured out that managing GDPR processes is time consuming, requires logging all client requests and requesting permission for data usage, just to name a few.

Most of the existing systems don’t support all the requirements, and many organizations end up using tools that don’t offer the needed security level for auditing effects.

We’ve developed a simple to use, self-service and auditable solution using Office 365 apps to provide a unified vision of privacy to all members of the organization that support the entire privacy management lifecycle.

This app integrates PowerApps, Power BI, Planner, Flow, SharePoint and Forms.

risk management

It is very important to properly assess the risks inherent to the projects and what are their impact on the project and organization.

One of the first questions a project manager thinks of at the beginning of any project is “what can go wrong?”. With that question in mind it is easier to create a mitigation plan to prevent things from going wrong.

To help our clients on their risk management, we developed an app that, based in the probability of a risk occurring, estimates its severity and the factors that the risk affects, providing mitigation metrics and assigning the responsible for dealing with that risk.

This app integrates PowerApps with Power BISharePoint and Flow.

Demand Management

Organizations need to make sure the projects they choose to execute will lead them to achieve the settled business goals. Demand management will help them choose the best projects portfolio to execute.

Besides evaluating each project to determine the best projects portfolio, companies must provide a centralised and automated place for employees to suggest their ideas and projects without them getting lost in the process.

Through an app, all the organization can submit their ideas to the decision maker. Each sponsor receives the ideas and can easily evaluate and approve or decline it. If the idea is approved, the app automatically creates the project on Microsoft Project.

This app integrates PowerApps, Microsoft Project, Flow and Power BI the app makes portfolio analysis much easier.

Make the most out of your Office 365

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