Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that includes:

  • Office 365, providing you with a large set of collaborative tools including email, file management, process automation and project management systems among others,
  • EMS – Enterprise mobility and security providing extends enterprise security features to other devices other than the PC, allowing your employees to work in most platforms in a secure way, and
  • Windows 10 business edition for Microsoft 365, providing a complete endpoint security enabling the compliance of your corporate policies.

There are over 150 connectors available to external systems with no code integration needed, and we can also build a specific connector if your system is not already supported.

In a single subscription we can provide you with a complete end-to-end support, to build and design your business processes and enable your digital transformation.

Other Microsoft office APPS

microsoft project online logo

Microsoft Project Online 

A mature project management software that gives you support for most project management processes. Using the desktop or the browser version, Project scheduling helps you manage resources, evaluate budgets, define and control schedules, measure performance, analyze opportunities, assess risks and monitor activity progress.

Project management is a vast and complex discipline, but fortunately Project Online is a very flexible tool that can be used in a variety of business scenarios with personalized extra functionalities:

  • Production planning for discrete manufacturing (learn about SHIFT 2 Better Manufacturing);
  • Project demand management (lean about SHIFT 2 Demand), with extended functionalities for richer project charters and business cases, and support for governance controls, register and follow up;
  • Software development, supporting capacity planning and extended integration with Agile tools, allowing WBS models and Support for Kanban, Scrum or other Agile methodologies (Azure Dev Ops, Jira, Trello and other available integrations);
  • Budgeting and forecast, with extra functionalities enabling the multi dimensional forecasts linked to physical milestones.

Learn more about Microsoft Project

Microsoft Planner logo

Microsoft Planner

Makes it easier to manage teams and tasks. On a simple yet very effective Kanban Board tool, it allows you to create and follow up team tasks, and assign team members just by drag and drop boxes between columns.  Simple as that. Don’t worry, you will be notified via email whenever a new task is assigned to you. For a more wide and effective control of projects, it should work along with Project Online.

The out-of-the-box version might seem overly simplistic, particularly when it comes to integration and reporting methods. Therefore, we’ve built a bidirectional interface for Project Online, Dynamics 365, among other tools (learn about SHIFT 2 Hybrid), to leverage this simplicity as a micro planning, communication and reporting tool.

Learn more about Planner.

Microsoft teams logo

Microsoft Teams

A collaboration hub to enrich the collaboration experience for teams and clients, it can be integrated with other service apps. It facilitates communication and file sharing between stakeholders through chat, meetings and calls, increasing productivity. In a combined approach with group coaching, it helps to improve team dynamics and change management practices.

Our built-in interfaces to other business line applications, such as Dynamics 365 and Project Online, supports the team dynamics. As an example, we use teams for the sales group to follow up on their leads and report directly from the app, and also to allow our clients to easily collaborate with their clients via teams.

Learn more about how we use Teams for collaboration.

power BI logo

Power BI

A data analysis (BI) application that connects to multiple data sources, simplifying data analysis and create visual reports. Power BI can also provide you with powerful insights from your data, based on the Artificial intelligence services from Microsoft.

We create rich and engaging reports, visually appealing, for you to easily share the performance of your processes to all levels of the organization. Our certified professionals will discuss with best practices for most business scenarios and provide valuable suggestions to your goals.

Learn more about Power BI.

Microsoft flow logo

Microsoft Flow

The glue that builds the logic and integration out of your business processes. It creates automated workflows for repetitive tasks and supports integrations with your other apps.

Flow is fast becoming the de facto workflow for Microsoft 365, supporting most process automation scenarios. If you need help with the process automation in your company using Microsoft’s Flow, talk to us. We can verify if a particular scenario is supported, or implement the solution and train you end-to-end.

Learn more about Microsoft Flow.

Microsoft PowerApps Logo


The tool you need if you still have a manual process that requires multiple forms or using a paper form to capture each step. As part of the Microsoft 365 suite, it supports an effective digitalization of your processes.

We assist our clients in learning how to use Powerapps and Flow, or we configure those tools as part of a managed service. Along with PowerBI, these tools are the cornerstone of a digital transformation using Microsoft 365.

Learn more about PowerApps.

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