SHIFT Managed Services

Managed Services are outsourced solutions / services provided by SHIFT to help companies focus on what’s critical for their business, increasing the quality of service while reducing costs and risks.

SHIFT has professionals who have more experience and know-how in the field of work and manage the processes in a more cost-effective way.

Through our Managed Services we’ll leverage our experience in providing these processes while working together with you on improving processes and policies based on best practices.

We provide on-site and remote managed services, accordingly with your needs.


Keeping track of all your project requirements don’t have to be hard. Our PMO service will assist you with project managers, best practices and systems for a particular project or to the entire portfolio of projects.


Struggling to keep up with all project requirements such as reporting, maintaining the plan updated, among other tasks? Need help for a particular project or to the entire portfolio of projects? We can help you!


Missing skills or time to learn and automate new business processes? Don´t worry, we can assist with a cost effective and seasoned team.

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