the cloud age: 6 main benefits

Technology is undoubtably here to stay and the Cloud age is finally upon us all. We have no doubt that most of the readers are already using the Cloud in their day-to-day life, but how many are aware how it can really make a difference in your company?

Searching online will make you find several articles about the benefits of the Cloud, but there is so many information that is hard to find what in fact will make you take the leap and leave your old fashion local servers die once and for all.

Based on SHIFT’s experience and the feedback from our customers, shifting to the Cloud will allow your company to:

  • Increase security
  • Lower costs with IT infrastructure
  • Improve mobility
  • Facilitate team collaboration
  • Get automatic Updates
  • Allow Data recovery

These 6 benefits of the Cloud will put your company in the right track for the future. Do it sooner, rather than later.



Using Microsoft Cloud – One Drive will make your data completely secure. After 10 years of iterations to improve the service, Microsoft managed to offer a cloud-based file sharing and syncing service with advanced per-file encryption.

A lost computer or mobile doesn’t have to be a big data-breach problem for your company anymore. Your data is stored in the cloud and you can remotely delete it from lost devices, keeping your data secure anytime.

Besides that, Office 365 uses encryption to ensure that only authorised personal can have access to your data. You can give or remove access from whomever you want, at any time. Not even Microsoft has access to your data.


reduce cost

If your company is using local servers to store data, you should probably be aware of the costs for installing and maintaining the infrastructure. On top of this, there’s a lively discussion nowadays about the security of local servers comparing with Cloud services and seems that the Cloud is quickly winning the debate.

It’s important to remind that the available Cloud-based services nowadays have several subscription options, which can make a difference on the overall decision to make the change.

However, with Microsoft One Drive you only pay for what you need and use and is scalable, allowing to increase or reduce the number of subscriptions in a simple step and according with your company’s needs.



On the 21st century, this is a major deal. Working from anywhere and across all devices isn’t an option anymore, but a need for our lives.

With the Cloud you have access to updated documents in your computer at the office, on your mobile on the go, travelling around the World or at home, even when you are offline.

Stay connected and productive, no matter where you are your data will always be there.


team collaboration

Make your team work better together and make it possible to have them all actively contributing to your company’s development.

File exchanging and team collaboration are much easier and secure with the Cloud. Your team can access, edit, share and work simultaneously on a file or document and they don’t have to wonder about the last version of the document.

The access permissions can be set to your team according with the organizational structure of your company, making it easy to manage who can see what.


automatic updates

Think of how long it takes to update all software and applications, on computers, servers, mobile phones.

In the Cloud you can invest that time in what really matters to your business. The Cloud takes care of the updates automatically and allows you and your team to keep working on files.

You can also set alerts to be notified each time a file is updated, converting the team work on a dynamic information flow structured over the organization.

It will be hard to miss something.


Data Recovery

All companies should have a robust disaster recovery plan (data lost) to ensure a backup in case of any kind of emergency, disaster or system failure. But this plan can be very expensive for smaller businesses and is not less painful.

We say no more to this! In the Cloud these processes are implemented much more quickly and guarantees better control over your resources.

Besides the controlled access to the data, you can set an archive backup routine to constantly update your backup and have also available a versioning management system that allows you to develop content without worrying of lost previous versions anymore.



“Cloud it’s no longer a future issue, it’s a present and essential element, addressing real business needs, adding simplicity and security and helping to accelerate innovation and growth. These benefits can’t be ignored”

John Mason, general manager of Midmarket for IBM


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