Project management is about delivering projects the right way, while demand management is about choosing the right projects to execute.

Projects require a large amount of resources both financial and human to be delivered, hence when you’re doing some projects you can´t be doing others. Organizations need to make sure the projects they choose to execute will lead to achieve the setted business goals.

Are you selecting the best projects portfolio for your organization? Ask yourself:

  • Does my ongoing projects contribute to deliver the desired business strategy?
  • Am I capturing the better return on investment?
  • Does my ongoing projects constitute a lower risk portfolio?
  • Am I combining these 3 factors to obtain the best version for my portfolio?



The expected benefits need to be clearly identified for a go or no-go decision, with cost and benefits future projection, and a strategic and risk analysis. Nonetheless, to drive accountability and learn from missed forecasts a process must be in place to track the benefits after project execution, and understand the root causes of the missed expectations.

To assist organizations in deploying an adequate model for demand management and benefit realization, SHIFT has developed the SHIFT 2 Demand solution which extends the capabilities of Microsoft Project Online and supports a rich Demand Management process, catering for the following scenarios:

  • Stage Gate process request
  • Ideation process
  • New product development
  • Business case and investment analysis
  • Project Charter
  • Benefits Management.

All this within Office 365 and integrated with Project Online.


Improved Return

Improved Return

Governance Support

Governance Support

Simplified Processes

Simplified Processes

SHIFT 2 DEMAND Portfolio optimization

Out of the box Project Online supports 2 functionalities to deploy demand management processes: directly as a project, or using a Sharepoint list. Using sharepoint will always require for the requests to be converted into a project, to run a what if analysis to the portfolio and select the right projects.

However, both the Project forms and the Sharepoint forms are very limited, not supporting rich controls for time-phased grids for cost/benefit analysis, or smart forms requesting more or less information based on the investment size. To provide a rich and multidevice experience, we leverage on the full power of the most recent Office 365 forms and workflows to provide you with a rich experience that supports all your business requirements.


This solution provides:

  • Effective support for internal governance procedures
  • Rich business cases or project charters
  • Integration with Project Online
  • An auditable process
  • Online support to assist your team
  • Form to benefits realization register and root cause analysis


You can easily migrate your current project list from an Excel spreadsheet, and start working in your portfolio optimization and benefit management today!


modules SHIFT 2 Demand solution
Additionally, we can add up another module with custom information, like a specific requirement for your business.


This solution is pre-configured so you don’t waste time explaining us everything, including enough hours to cater for:

  1. Your specific requirements (on your premises or remote);
  2. Training (on your premises or remote);
  3. Optionally, assisting your team to change into a new way of working (on premise);
  4. An adequate level of remote support.

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