Production planning in discrete manufacturing is never an exact science, nonetheless the better the data quality the better the information that a decision maker has to decide.

By integrating in a single process the entire value chain, from managing your sales, building a proposal, planning, execution and control the execution, and also allowing customer collaboration, delivering an end-to-end process that allow you to:

  • Integrate sales and production information in a single system avoiding entering information;
  • Allow you to compare sales information with planning information, with actual performance;
  • Single performance dashboard view of your core processes;
  • All the trusted Microsoft messaging and collaborative stack in the same system, including email, file management and Skype;
  • Have a secure end-to-end solution on the Microsoft cloud.

SHIFT 2 Better Manufacturing is a solution within Microsoft 365 that leverages the server applications and allows you to have all systems in a single subscription (except ERP/accounting)








process overview

Sales overview

sales management

The sales module allow you to manage the sales pipeline, including recording client contact information (who is who), leads, proposals and financial conditions, channel commercial information (including commissions and discounts) and commercial actions.

Get insights into your sales forecast.

Sales Pipeline


This module allows you to quickly build a proposal while estimating gross margins, capacity and delivery or test milestones.

Proposals benefits from past deals’ lessons learned and are a base for continuous improvement.

woman working on project online


The won deal or the ones expected to win can be loaded into the system and analyzed against the current capacity, priorities, change requests and reworks.

Planning can be done in two phases, the design phase and the manufacturing, purchase and assembly of the parts.

screens of production execution and control

EXECUTION & control

Project plans are great to plan tasks on perspective, calculate delivery and/or test dates, critical path and share information with your client.

Through the usage of Kanban boards, the manager can define and prioritize activities per sector and resources. Employees will get their priorities and are notified through the app every time they have a new assignment. They can report progress and working hours back to the managers trough integration with the Kanban board, and then back into the project plans.

Make use of included templates to define the check list of each activity, improving uniformity, quality and efficiency without having to be writing these instructions every time a new task is created.

Project Managers can keep track of project status and team’s engagement in each task, be notified if there is a delay in the dates or in the critical path, and make the necessary changes to ensure that the dates committed with the client are achieved.

Microsoft Teams Screenshot

Customer engagement

Improve relationship and collaboration with the client, through better communication, safe exchange of files with automated versioning and dates control, and collaborative revision of the documents.


This solution is pre-configured so you don’t waste time explaining us everything, but we’ve kept enough hours to:

  1. Collect your specific requirements (on your premises or remote)
  2. Training (on your premises or remote)
  3. Optionally, assisting your team to do the change into a new way of working (on premise), and
  4. Providing an adequate level of remote support.

Implemantation Process

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