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Agile Sales

On a growing online economy, companies are under pressure to deliver quick results and adapt to a fast pace environment. With all these challenges and organizational limited resources, sales teams need to have the flexibility to operate throughout the entire sales life cycle and find an easy way to collaborate and interact with team members and third parties.

The solution needs to help teams build the right skills, centralize all sales information, and easily keep up with the results, in a way to balance sales and manage customer relationships.


SHIFT 2 AGILE concept

This solution integrates Microsoft Dynamics and Planner within Microsoft Teams to facilitate online collaboration based on the CRM database and Agile planning.

Shift Consulting_communication & data integration hub

The data integration is effective and works across all data sources. This makes it possible to use only one platform with automatic synchronization for opportunities and progress control.

Shift Consulting_communication & data integration hub2

Assign tasks to the sales team, based on the identified prospects and easily follow the progress throughout the entire sales process.

Have a clear overview of your team and their tasks. this will allow you to understand who your best salespersons are, and gamify the sales workflow keeping your team motivated.

Condense all of your team’s communications on a single platform that allows you to collect relevant insights and information.

Guarantee a better quality information trough an improvement in the team’s engagement and buy-in, centralized on a single platform.

Increase your sales by leveraging the team’s productivity and get meaningful insights to manage the sales pipeline efficiently.

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