General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

By now, your organisation has figured out that managing GDPR processes is time consuming, requires logging all client requests and requesting permission for data usage, just to name a few.

Most of the existing systems don’t support all the requirements, and many organisations end up using tools that don’t offer the needed security level for auditing effects.

SHIFT developed the SHIFT 2 Easy GDPR solution within Office 365, to ease the implementation and allow a more efficient management of this process in the organisations.

SHIFT 2 Easy GDPR goals



Simplified processes

Simplified processes

Consent control

Consent control

Solution concept

SHIFT 2 Easy GDPR facilitates GDPR control by providing:

  • Self-service forms for internal and external data subjects;
  • High level dashboards for management including risk analysis;
  • Registering all usage of data for which authorization is required while monitoring data subject response rate;
  • Registering all client requests and triggering workflow by request types, so you don’t lose track of response times;
  • Manage duty to inform automatically, keeping evidence of duty to inform and consents;
  • Guaranteeing process transparency in the third-party response level.

Supported GDPR processes with SHIFT 2 Easy GDPR:

  • Privacy impact assessment;
  • Plan, execute and follow up on mitigation act;
  • Request consents to use data;
  • Handle client requests;
  • Manage incidents and data breaches;
  • Monitor DPO compliance and performance.

SHIFT 2 easy GDPR benefits

The solution is completely based in Office 365 tools with no need for additional technology, ensuring lower operational risk, cost and higher efficiency in GDPR Management, allowing you to make prompt and informed decisions through the complete view of the process.

Shift 2 easy GDPR implementation process

You can start an easy GDPR today, either as:

  • A standalone SHIFT solution, providing online support and training to adjust the solution to your needs within your Office 365 subscritpion;
  • Part of a consulting project, having SHIFT or one of its partners to assist you to do an assessment, identify the gaps and consolidate existing information while deploying the tool in your Office 365, and providing onsite training and customizations.

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