How our offer can transform
the way you work.

Leverage your business with our business-ready cloud solutions. Our cloud solutions are pre-configured environments to address specific business requirements. These solutions combine best practices, pre-built integration between the systems, and dedicated and contextualized support.

Shift 2 Hybrid

Does your organization have projects in both traditional and agile methodologies? No need to lose the big picture, our hybrid project management connector can link both projects bidirectionally.

Shift 2 Demand

Selecting the right projects is as important as delivering them well. Our demand management solution supports ideation and full business cases analysis and governance so you can select the project that brings more value to your organization, while obtaining commitment and accountability to deliver the results.

Shift 2 Better Manufacturing

Production planning in engineering to order manufacturing can be a headache, with different activities in the organization requiring different levels of details, it is hard to setup a one size fits all. SHIFT2Manufacturing was built with that goal. We integrate commercial leads into the planning process and use a combination of Microsoft Project integrated with Kanban boards and shop floor reporting that bring the best of both planning worlds, and updated directly by manufacturing and CAD/CAM providing the right amount of detail to all teams.

Executive Meetings

Ever had the feeling that tasks are not followed up from meeting to meeting and information is not prepared beforehand? Or that the information is scattered across multiple applications? We developed an app for O365 where you get a simple and modern interface for each participant to keep track on what meeting they’re involved, which documents they need to prepare and what tasks are coming up. No more excuses on pending activities.

Field Automation

Allows you to manage small to large projects, but above all, it features a very user-friendly interface and it's available for all platforms and devices. All of this within O365.

Performance & Management

Looking for an easy way to track your goals, understand priorities and trends? Our performance management solution allows you to define a weighted breakdown of goals, metrics and KPIs including targets per individual. When connected to data sources, updated information is displayed on the KPIs including histograms and trend analysis to monitor the progress.

Shift 2 Easy GDPR

Support your GDPR processes and compliance with ease, and directly from your Office 365.


By now, your organization has figured out that managing GDPR processes is time-consuming, requires logging and following up on all client requests, planning and executing gap analysis and requesting permission for data usage, just to name a few.
Most systems only support a part of the GDPR process and many organizations end up using different tools. We have developed the SHIFT 2 Easy GDPR solution within Office 365, to support from the PIA process, to establish baseline, obtain approvals and fulfill obligations.

Simplified Processes
Consent Control

Shift 2 Hybrid

Manage your projects easily improving your communication.

Projects don’t necessarily have dedicated teams and quite often they rely on specialized teams, to conduct a phase, with different methodologies, some working on Agile or others on Waterfall.
Besides facilitating project management control, SHIFT 2 Hybrid improves the communication between teams, allowing each team to work on the methodology that is more adequate to their work.
The process is quite simple: Project managers define the high level plan, priorities, and start and finish tasks, on a traditional project management tool such as Project Online, and they identify which tasks will be managed on others tools. Each team leader will get a high-level task such as a feature or an artifact on the agile tool and will breakdown the high-level objects in tasks and sprints. As report is done on the agile tools, they will feedback the macro plan and any change in dates in the macro plan also gets reverted to the detailed plans.
SHIFT2Hybrid integrates Project Online with Planner, Jira, TFS, VSTS, Azure Dev Ops, Trello or Pivotal.
With this solution, users can prioritize work, confirm progress, provide deviations, and add checklists with clear instructions to other team members. It also improves the quality of information through better team engagement and buy-in.

Users Accountability
Better Communication
Quality of information

Shift 2 Demand

Improve your demand and benefits Management

Project management is about delivering projects in the right way, while demand management is about choosing the right projects to execute.
Project as all investments should be supported on an adequate business case highlighting Cost and Benefits KPIs as well as Risk and strategic alignment.
Our solution builds on Office365 Power Platform to support an adequate business case and a strong governance process to obtain key stakeholder’s approval and endorsements, to make sure people are committed and accountable for the results.
Are you selecting the best project portfolio for your organization?

The expected benefits need to be clear for a go or no-go decision, with cost/benefit’s future projection and a strategic and risk analysis well structured. To drive accountability and learn from missed forecasts, a process must be in place to track the benefits after the project execution and understand the root causes of the missed expectations.

To assist organizations in deploying an adequate model for demand management and benefit realization, SHIFT has developed the SHIFT 2 Demand solution which extends the abilities of Microsoft Project Online and supports a full featured Demand Management process.

All within Office 365 and integrated with Project Online for project planning and execution.

Improved Return
Governance Support
Simplified Processes

Shift 2 Agile Sales

Give your sales team the skills and autonomy to take your business to a new level

In a growing digital economy, companies are under pressure to deliver results and adapt to the fast pace environment. The increasing competition is challenging companies with increasingly complex customer relationship management needs and pressuring’em to build the right sales process, needing the right sales skills.

With all these challenges and organizational limited resources, sales teams need to have the flexibility to operate throughout the entire sales life cycle and to have an easy way to collaborate with team members and third parties. Our SHIFT 2 agile sales solution helps teams building the right skills, centralizing all sales information to easily keep up with the results, in a way that makes it easier to balance sales and manage customer relationships.

SHIFT 2 AGILE concept

The solution integrates Dynamics and Planner within Microsoft Teams to facilitate online collaboration based on CRM database and Agile planning. The data integration is effective and works across all data sources. This makes it possible to use only one platform with automatic synchronization for opportunities and progress control.

Shift Consulting_agile_background
Better Collaboration
More Flexibility
More Agility

Shift 2 Better Manufacturing

Make the right decisions for your discrete Manufacturing with better data quality.

Production planning in discrete manufacturing is never an exact science, so the data quality is crucial for the decision-making process: the better the data quality, the better the information that a decision-maker has to decide.

By integrating the entire value chain in a single process, from managing your sales, building a proposal, planning and execution, to the control of the execution, and also allowing customer collaboration, our solution delivers an end-to-end process that allows you to:

  • Integrate sales and product information in a single system and avoid entering information
  • Allow you to compare sales information with planning information, with actual performance
  • Single performance dashboard view of your core processes
  • All the trusted Microsoft messaging and collaborative stack in the same system, including email, file management, and Teams
  • Have a secure end-to-end solution on the Microsoft cloud.


SHIFT 2 Better Manufacturing is a solution within Microsoft 365 that leverages the server applications and allows you to have all systems in a single subscription (except ERP/accounting).

Better Budgeting
Improve Planning
Better Integration

Executive Meetings

Improve your meetings. Make them more efficient, reach better results.

Executives are busy people with multiple topics in their mind. They often participate in more than one committee which makes it difficult to follow up on tasks and decisions while preparing information for the next.  

Office 365 is a great platform to manage documents, tasks, mails, and agenda. This information, however, is often managed in multiple apps which require multiple searches to understand what’s pending, what are the latest versions of the documents, the agenda for next meeting, among other topics.

The executive meeting app supports assistants and executive teams to organize recurrent meetings according to specific topics and follow up on tasks, decision, notes coming out of the meeting, documents that are required to read or prepare for the following meeting, among other information. All without you – or any information – leaving your O365 environment and using the existing information and security infrastructure 

Shift Consulting_executive_meeting_shift_app
Improve Planning
Better Collaboration
Simplified Processes

Field Automation

Coordinate and follow your projects, maintain your teams updated.


Create new projects, in an easy way, assigning’em to the respective teams. The Field Automation app will assist you in coordinating their activities. Field automation allows you to create a sequential logic of steps that each team must perform. These dependencies and their progress will determine when the next team needs to prepare, plan and execute the work. Also it keeps detailed information of all steps including the ability to upload attachments. 

Improve Planning
More Agility
Higher Productivity

Performance Management

Monitor your goals and the progress of your projects.


Performance Management is an activity that although is defined top-down the monitoring should be done by everyone who participates in this process. This App supports the definition and breakdown of goals per organization, department and individual allowing you to monitor the progress in different levels as it’s possible to integrate values originated on other systems where the information is kept. 

Shift Consulting_performance_management_shift_app
Quality of information
Simplified Processes
Improve Planning